Change Adoption

A leadership conference keynote inspires a new perspective, new mindset, and new outcomes through positive and incremental changes



Executive leaders Jeff Mowell, Renee Graham, and Willie Pierson knew that a dramatically changing business climate could be an opportunity to transform Allstate Insurance if they could broaden company perspective and inspire a new mindset.
Sappington partnered with these change agents to develop a transformation strategy and program to drive innovation in business operations—starting with the way employees work. Through a workshop session at the Allstate NW Regional Leadership conference, we provided unique insight and an outside perspective on the complexities of a changing business environment. We invited participants to embrace the value of a growth mindset and led interactive group work designed to develop skills that will help with transformational change.


Engagement Activities

Leadership session strategy

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Allstate and Sappington inspired a new culture of optimism about change and provided employees with tools to manage time, adapt their day-to-day actions, and nurture new customer relationships. The regional team is well-positioned to pursue a prestigious company award that recognizes achievement based on a variety or performance indicators, including profit and customer retention.