Transforming customer relationships through collaboration, strategy, and creativity



Azure Stack Integrated Systems is a benchmark product and service model that plays a key role in Microsoft's vision for transforming datacenters with the power of Azure Cloud. The team wanted to develop a customer-centric approach that would reinvigorate existing customers and resonate with new decision makers. It was important to develop the right tone and provide a level of technical information that was credible without being overly complicated.

The Azure Stack Integrated Systems team chose Sappington to develop customer engagement strategy, messaging, and core visual concepts. We collaborated with product marketing and engineering to design a strategy that met both groups' objectives and produced content and design assets that conveyed the value, advantages, and benefits for both IT and the business and that would support the needs of various marketing channels and sales motions.


Engagement Activities

Vision and strategy


Visual concept design

Cross-team alignment



Azure Stack Integrated Systems made its debut at Ignite 2016 with polished visuals in a fine-tuned presentation that showcased customer-centric messaging, value props, and opportunities. Our client successfully delivered strategic assets that were adopted, used, and praised by engineers, sales reps, and product marketers alike.