Change Adoption

Redefining diverse and inclusive at Microsoft through interactive storytelling and presentation in Sway



In a rapidly changing population and a global marketplace, it’s never been more important than now for enterprises to take a critical look at their diversity and inclusion practices. With Microsoft’s new mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more comes the need to celebrate all abilities and ways of thinking.

For the fourth interactive Sway experience in our Microsoft culture series, we collaborated with a variety of employees to unpack the many benefits of encouraging a diverse and inclusive work environment, while tackling the weighty issue of unconscious bias. Finding inspiration in stories around the world and citing internal examples of progress, we make a convincing case for championing people of all races, ages, ethnicities, sexual preferences, and talents.


Engagement Activities

Leadership Workshop

Storytelling Strategy

Narrative Development

Story Curation


Content Strategy and Development

Presentation Design and Development (in new and emerging presentation formats)



Like our other interactive Sway experiences related to the company-wide culture campaign, Diverse & Inclusive continues to perform well with higher-than average consumption rates, and we are well-positioned to close out the successful program on a high note with one final chapter.