Quick Start Guide to Assessing Technology

It might seem strange to talk about Information Technology in the realm of the CFO, but increasingly, this is the reality for many finance leaders. 

A recent McKinsey survey notes that 4 in 10 finance leaders “spent the majority of their time in the past year on roles besides traditional and specialty finance.”


The Digital Business Challenge

Change agents take control of a company’s future by leading during moments of significant technological change.


Learning from the Construction Financial Management Conference

The Construction Financial Management Association just held their annual Conference in Phoenix and I attended for the first time. It was an inspiring conference that illustrated the complex intersection of business, technology, and culture in construction companies. As an expert in advancing change in these areas, and as a relative newcomer to this industry, I wanted to share my perspectives on what I heard, learned and observed at the event.


Technology Change Worksheet

What’s at risk if you don’t change? Use this worksheet to assess where you are today and where you could be in the future.


Technology’s Role in Business Today

The Move from Order Taker to Strategic Partner