Deeply Rooted in Technology and Innovation


In the early 2000s, Morse Best Innovation incorporated as a system integrator and software developer. The team service method was to start with the reason behind the business challenge and then explored how technology created a resolution. The company’s reputation grew after work with HouseValues and Wells Fargo. Marketing Microsoft’s enterprise technology products and evangelizing the .NET development platform followed, as did work with Amazon.

The original founders worked to help Amazon open the e-commerce platform to all retailers—a revolutionary idea at the time. Creating documentation to help retailers understand how to connect to the Amazon marketplace started the relationship, which advanced to writing the code that enabled merchants to interface with The company Mercent was born as a result of the relationship. Then, Morse Best became interested in enabling the technology industry to better present and demonstrate capabilities. Long before YouTube, the Morse Best team created videos to translate boring features and functions into stories, visuals, and animations that people could relate to. Next, the software tool DemoMate was conceived when the new cloud world arrived. It became the standard at Microsoft, and still exists today.

The marketing era of Morse Best came next, when it became clear that enterprise marketing and sales were not connected to the customer. To help these same clients, Morse Best inspired a move from selling features and benefits of a product to addressing customer needs.