Technology and Cloud Marketing

Coordinating the messaging and design of several presentations to tell a holistic story



The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Product Team wanted to present their industry-leading enterprise mobility and security products through multiple event sessions at Ignite 2016. They needed to update and organize content from a team of product and solution stakeholders in a short amount of time. It was important that all presentations were consistent and cohesive across different topics in order to demonstrate value to a diverse customer base.  

As a trusted content strategy and subject matter advisor to the Enterprise Mobility team, Sappington partnered with the Enterprise Mobility Team to evaluate and compare their multiple event session presentations. We applied our knowledge and understanding of their objectives, core messaging, and product value props to ensure that each presentation was up to date, consistent, and accurate. We worked fluidly across all presentations to make it possible for the content from any one presentation to easily integrate into any of the others.


Engagement Activities

Subject Matter Expertise

Cross-Team Project Management

Alignment Strategy

Content and Design Assessment

Quality Assurance



The Enterprise Mobility Product Team saved untold hours of valuable time leading up to the event with the support of Sappington. The team successfully delivered multiple event sessions at Ignite 2016 with consistent visuals and messaging across products and solutions. The team is now using these presentations as the core content for Tech Summit, an international roadshow that reaches a massive customer market.