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Embracing the Call

Volume 7
The Importance of the Hero’s Journey for Today’s Business Leaders

Find out how a millennia-old storytelling pattern can inspire enterprise leaders to set out on their greatest adventures.


Collectivism and Communication

Volume 6
What the Western Enterprise Can Learn from Eastern Thinking

Step into the shoes of a Venetian traveler posted at a far-flung court in medieval China for a unique perspective into how Eastern philosophy might improve today’s Western enterprise.

The House of Building

Volume 5
Why Creative and Technical Harmony are Indispensable in the Modern Business

Learn about the unlikely architect who founded the Bauhaus—an art school that would go on to change the world—and how using his multidisciplinary approach could transform the way we do business.


The Mountain versus the Valley

Volume 4
Why the Pacific Northwest is the Global Digital Business Hub (and not the next Silicon Valley)

From the early 19th century to the present, take a trip through the major business and technology developments that have made Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest such different cultures.



Peace, Not War

Volume 3
Why Promoting a Culture of Freedom is Good for Business

Discover the amazing story of an obscure artist and World War I veteran who used his talents to heal others, and how his approach could revolutionize your workplace.


Getting on the Same Page

Volume 2
Why Consistency Matters in Business and Technology Communications

From the Rigveda to the Norse sagas to The Canterbury Tales, discover why a classic storytelling approach should be applied to today's enterprises.


Do You See What I See?

Volume 1
The Value of a Shared Perspective in Today’s Businesses

Find out how two French brothers knocked Thomas Edison out of the film business and showed us the importance of a shared perspective.