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Sappington Expands Communication Alignment Service Due to Demand from Enterprise Technology Leaders

SEATTLE (April 30, 2015) – Sappington, a consultancy located in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle, Wash., has expanded the firm’s Digital Business Alignment Communication service line to support the needs of fast-growing technology departments within enterprise companies. Sappington launched this service in 2014 to primarily address the misalignment between technology and business people that can impede the critical generational IT transformations required to protect the future of the company.

According to CEO Tim Goggin, Sappington’s enhanced focus is the result of the incredible growth of technology teams within more traditional enterprise companies. “Traditional technology organizations are often not ready for the necessary speed of change, nor the type of change,” he said.  “As a result, technology leaders have a hard time leading, their teams are inefficient and progress is slow, resulting in real potential negative impact to the business.”

The expanded service offering helps technology leaders improve how technology people think, share and collaborate in the pursuit of digital success. The Sappington approach is proven to increase productivity of teams by up to 30 percent and improve project performance, leadership effectiveness and team morale. 

“Digital innovation has the power to transform enterprise business if disconnected groups of people—like the wide variety of roles in technology—can clearly understand and communicate with each other,” Goggin said. “That’s where we come in.”  

Sappington is a consultancy that clears the way for technology to strategically advance business by helping enterprise leaders improve communication. The firm provides four different communication services to enterprise leaders in pursuit of digital business success: Enterprise Technology Marketing, Digital Business Alignment Communication, Digital Leadership Advisory and Alignment Education Workshops and Presentations. 

The conflict between business and technology is a byproduct of the rapid growth of digital innovations transforming the corporate marketplace—from the Internet of things and cloud technology to mobile Internet and automation of knowledge work. Digital advancements affect both technology and non-tech companies as business models shift; infrastructure needs change and new customers emerge.  

According to researchers at the MIT Center for Digital Business, strong relationships between IT and business are important to digital change in companies. The recent book Leading Digital – Turning Technology into Business Transformation, from Harvard Business Review Press, said, “Shared understanding is the starting point for larger changes in the IT-business relationship.” 

About Sappington

Sappington is a consultancy that improves how technology and business people communicate so digital innovation succeeds for the enterprise. The four Sappington services create alignment between disparate groups to ensure technology is strategic driver for the future of business.