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Sappington Selects .CO as Web Extension

Innovative consultancy launches new website with unique extension

SEATTLE (November 20, 2014) – The innovation consultancy Sappington has selected the web extension .CO for the new company website 

The Sappington mission is to ensure that technology is strategic to business. The team at Sappington facilitates new ways of thinking and communicating among enterprise IT, marketing and business leaders to ensure the success of digital innovation.  

“The number of names available under .com are dwindling,” CEO Tim Goggin said. “The alternate web extension is an excellent option for companies that don’t want to be constrained by limitations.” 

The web extension was launched globally in 2010. In 2014 the company .CO was purchased by the publicly traded company Neustar. According to the .CO website, more than 1.7 million names in more than 200 countries and territories use the extension. 

Innovators and entrepreneurs are the most prevalent clients of .CO. A good example is Vine, the short-form video sharing service. Macy’s and Fast Company deploy .CO as a brand extender. 

About Sappington

Sappington is an innovation consultancy changing the dynamic between technology and business through the humanities. The firm resolves human barriers to ensure that technology is strategic to the enterprise business. It is headquartered in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle, Wash.