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Seattle-Based Agency Holds Inaugural Digital Business Hub EVENT

Leaders from some of the biggest Northwest brands came together on October 4, 2016 to participate in the first event for the Pacific Northwest Digital Business Hub. These leaders met to better understand the opportunities and challenges of digital business transformation, and to envision breakthrough customer experiences for the future in a new digital business world.  

Seattle, Wash. (October 4, 2016) – Sappington, a Seattle-based agency, held the inaugural event for the Pacific Northwest Digital Business Hub, a community of regional business and technology leaders committed to transforming companies into digital businesses. Leaders from Pacific Northwest-based companies in many different industries, from retail and healthcare to credit unions and professional service firms, participated in the roundtable event.  

Through this first roundtable, the Hub launched its unique format for discussion, a somewhat non-traditional approach designed to help business leaders move away from guarded or formal communication in favor of candor and camaraderie. Sappington CEO Tim Goggin wanted to create an open environment that would allow for honest discussion about digital transformation.

“Digital transformation is one of the most important challenges facing many companies in business today, and yet leaders have very few ways to discuss the real-world challenges and opportunities,” said Goggin. “That’s what we are working to create with the Digital Business Hub and the Roundtable was a successful first event.” 

Goggin believes that Pacific Northwest companies are best positioned to lead the digital business revolution because of the region’s unique history and business culture. “We have this amazing collection of northwest brands that already possess the most important ingredient for a successful digital business: customer focus,” said Goggin.

The importance of customer-centricity has been magnified by the increasingly end-user-driven internet, where expectations run high and options are myriad. The digital experience—which must navigate online and mobile access—is more pervasive than a direct-to-customer interaction. Technology investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics and other behind-the-scenes facets of a business can have substantial effects on the customer experience and the ability of an organization to compete.

For Goggin, the legacy of customer service is an opportunity for collaboration and innovation among business leaders. “In working together and by using technology as a strategic asset, these companies can unlock incredible new business models that better serve customers,” said Goggin.

His company, Sappington, partners with leaders in established companies to guide digital change in this new digital business world, whether within their organizations or outward with their customers.

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