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Sappington’s CEO Touts Improved Communication between Tech and Business as Essential to Digital Transformation Success

SEATTLE (May 20, 2015) –Tim Goggin is an enterprise technology veteran on a mission to make sure all IT transformation projects are successful, so health insurers, retailers and manufacturers can spend time focusing on customer relevancy. Today Goggin, the CEO of Sappington, a consultancy located in Seattle, Wash., marked the anniversary of the launch of the Sappington consulting services designed to support enterprise leaders on this critical journey by helping them improve communication between technology and business. 

“Complex organizations in the midst of change benefit from people thinking, sharing and collaborating in new ways,” Goggin said. “Our work and experience proves that bringing disparate people together they improve efficiency and productivity, which ultimately lifts performance and drives people towards the right goal.”

In today’s fast-moving digital environment, where every big company has to become a technology company, leaders are facing pressure to execute multi-million dollar initiatives at high rates of speed in less-than-agile environments. Doing things the same way as in past years just doesn’t cut it.

One of the biggest challenges companies face is the poor internal relationship between people in technology and people in business due to different perspectives, backgrounds and professional languages. The disconnect means business leaders are often making decisions without the knowledge of technology experts, and technology leaders are not comfortable stepping up to discuss strategy. It is a complex relationship that has an impact on the efficacy of how leaders sell, communicate or influence the transformation to digital business to the entire company.  

According to researchers at the MIT Center for Digital Business, strong relationships between IT and business are important to digital change in companies. The recent book Leading Digital – Turning Technology into Business Transformation from Harvard Business Review Press said, “Shared understanding is the starting point for larger changes in the IT-business relationship.”

“Leaders shouldn’t let this golden age of opportunity slip away because business doesn’t get technology and vice versa,” said Goggin. “My mantra is that effective communication and understanding will separate the successful businesses from the rest.”

The team at Sappington knows the value of helping people share information so it is easily understood by others; they’ve created a program that scales the effort across teams and an organization.

All work begins with a gap assessment that uncovers key details needed to build a program. Then Sappington works with leaders to create a digital vision, build a roadmap and develop messaging. Next follows the writing and designing of communication and engagement tools for use in facilitated workshops, retreats and presentations. A full-scale communication and engagement system is ongoing work in cooperation with the client.

Sappington works with a wide range of companies from F5 and VMware to Nordstrom, Inc. and Starbucks Coffee Company. 


Sappington clears the way for digital business success by improving communication between technology and business people so they align around a shared digital perspective. The consultancy ensures that technology can strategically advance enterprise business.