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Morse Best Innovation Rebrands as Sappington

Technology marketing company evolves into an innovation consultancy on a mission to ensure technology is strategic business

SEATTLE (November 20, 2014) – Morse Best Innovation is now Sappington. The innovation consultancy is on a mission to address one of the biggest challenges to the future of all enterprise companies: the misalignment between technology and business that impedes digital business. The firm applies a unique humanities-based approach and multi-discipline strategic execution to resolve barriers and create alignment. The new web address is 

“Technology has the power to transform business only when the people can clearly understand and communicate with each other,” Sappington CEO Tim Goggin said. “There is a significant benefit to achieving a shared perspective and common language.” 

The shift to Sappington is effective immediately. Morse Best was known for simplifying complicated technology ideas into compelling marketing stories for enterprise sales teams. As Sappington, the firm builds on existing expertise with new services to help people think and communicate in new ways:

Business-to-Business Technology Marketing
Technology and Business Alignment Communication
Technology Leadership Strategic Advisory
Tech-Biz alignment workshops and presentations
The conflict between technology and business is a byproduct of the rapid growth of digital innovation transforming the corporate marketplace—from the Internet of Things and cloud technology to mobile Internet and automation of knowledge work. Digital advancements affect both technology and non-tech companies as business models shift; infrastructure needs change and new customers emerge. The changes are major disruptors to internal and external enterprise relationships.

The value of IT-business alignment is documented in new research led by Research Scientist George Westerman of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. The research results are outlined in the book Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation published by Harvard Business Review Press (2014). Research results indicate that a strong relationship between IT and business can contribute to significant increases in revenue and profit.

The Sappington technology marketing service supports enterprise technology vendors, such as Microsoft and F5, as they work to build sales relationships with the new business decision makers. The communication and advisory services bridge internal communication issues within traditional companies—from a variety of industries—that are launching new generational IT initiatives or large-scale technology projects.

Sappington has a deep history in technology and innovation. The firm started as a systems integrator and software development company in 2000. The company spun off Mercent, Inc. after work with Amazon and built the software tool DemoMate.

About Sappington

Sappington is an innovation consultancy changing the dynamic between technology and business through the humanities. The firm resolves human barriers to ensure that technology is strategic to the enterprise business. It is headquartered in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle, Wash.