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Tim Goggin named as Advisor to Retrace

SEATTLE (September 14, 2015)--Tim Goggin, CEO of Sappington, was recently named Board Advisor to Retrace, a Seattle-based technology company that creates online business-to-business marketplaces for environmentally responsible electronics recycling.

“Retrace is disrupting a market that is outdated and ill-equipped to manage the ever growing flow of electronic waste,” said Goggin. “The electronics recycling industry is ripe for innovation and I’m excited to see the Retrace business model spark change.”

The mission is to make recycling transactions across industries more transparent, accessible and economically and environmentally sustainable. Retrace provides businesses and associations with access to the company’s secure, state-of-the-art trading and analytics platform. Currently, the company has two marketplaces up and running that are helping to address responsible recycling and reuse of consumer electronics: E-Stewards Marketplace and Retrace Mobile.

“The entire Retrace leadership team values Tim’s advice and counsel,” said Michael Rubel, founder and CEO of Retrace. “His knowledge of enterprise technology, digital business and marketing is helping us achieve the Retrace mission.”

Goggin is an experienced enterprise technology executive who has focused his career on ensuring that technology is strategic to business. He supports Retrace with his product, marketing and sales expertise. Goggin and his team at Sappington were the strategic partner to Retrace in their branding and launch. 

About Sappington

Sappington is a consultancy that helps business and technology leaders and change agents develop authentic communication strategies and tools that clear the way for digital business success.  We apply unique, humanities-based methods to break through the common barriers that often divide business and technology people and disrupt digital progress in today’s enterprises.

About Retrace

Retrace is a Seattle-based technology company creating online business-to-business marketplaces for environmentally responsible recycling. Our goal is to create economic value for businesses and recyclers by enabling them to effectively buy or sell material, while meeting their legal, environmental and certification obligations. Together with our business partners and recyclers, we increase the reuse and recycling of the world's resources and create competitive advantages for those players in the value chain who recycle properly.