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Building a More Effective Human Relationship between Technology and Business Leads to over 90 Percent Revenue Growth for Sappington

SEATTLE (August 20, 2015) – The Seattle-based consultancy Sappington recently reported 93 percent revenue growth between June 2014 and June 2015. The privately held consultancy, located in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle, Wash., helps technology and business leaders deploy authentic communication strategies and tools to support the success of digital transformation in their companies.

According to Sappington CEO Tim Goggin, the secret to the firm’s recent growth is a unique humanities-based approach that makes the relationship between technology and business more human and ultimately leads to improved outcomes. The firm works with enterprise companies ranging from F5 and Starbucks to Nordstrom and Microsoft.

“Technology has the power to transform business only when people can clearly understand and communicate with each other,” said Goggin. “Our work shows proof that there is a significant benefit to achieving a shared perspective and common language.” 

Sappington supports clients through three different services: Enterprise Technology Marketing, Digital Business Communication and Executive Advisory.  The value of improving the relationship between technology and business is documented in new research led by Research Scientist George Westerman of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. The research results are outlined in the book Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation published by Harvard Business Review Press (2014). Research results indicate that a strong relationship between IT and business can contribute to significant increases in revenue and profit. 

Sappington has a history in digital innovation. Previously as Morse Best Innovation, the firm worked to help Amazon open the e-commerce platform to all retailers—a revolutionary idea at the time. Today, working at the highest levels within client organizations, the Sappington approach breaks through the common barriers that often divide business and technology people and disrupt digital progress in today’s companies.

About Sappington

Sappington is an innovation consultancy changing the dynamic between technology and business through the humanities. The firm resolves human barriers to ensure that technology is strategic to the enterprise business. It is headquartered in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle, Wash.