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The agency jumps into the future of work with move to co-working space

SEATTLE, WASH. – (May 31, 2017) Sappington has moved from a traditional office in a historic building in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle, Wash. to the South Lake Union WeWork community. The agency specifically selected WeWork, over re-signing an office space lease, to embrace an open and social work environment.

 “The future of business technology revolves around people in the workplace: our interactions with one another and how we collaborate as a multi-generational workforce,” says Tim Goggin, CEO of Sappington. “We’ve had the realization that a company’s physical workspace had a lot to do with improving how people come together.”

For Goggin, operating a business in an era where agility and adaptability are as critical to success as ideas, the traditional office structure was proving to be limiting. In addition to the operational burdens of managing a physical office space—restocking kitchens, managing multi-year leases, administrative upkeep—the siloed office model was feeling increasingly exclusionary in the wake of the industry’s shift towards customer engagement, community, and diversity and inclusion.

“To grow and evolve with our customers, we needed to step out of our proverbial ivory tower and spend more time engaging in the community. WeWork is interesting because it’s inherently social by design, which has caused us to step back and question what we know—or think we know—about working. It’s been a great exercise in curiosity,” says Goggin.

Since settling into WeWork, the agency is flourishing under the newfound freedom and flexibility afforded by the co-working infrastructure. WeWork’s adaptive office accommodations, collaboration-inspired design, month-to-month leasing structures, and distributed locations enable its tenants to scale depending on their needs. For Sappington, the move has inspired a renewed focus in what matters most to the company: their craft, their community, and above all, their clients.

And it’s not just small businesses, start-ups, and sole-proprietors that are benefiting from this new wave of collaborative working. Large companies like Microsoft, UPS, and Salesforce are taking note and moving sections of their business into WeWork locations around the nation.


Sappington is an agency in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle, Washington that partners with ambitious leaders to advance technology, business, and culture changes within established companies through a proven method.