Technology and Cloud Marketing

Translating industry enthusiasm into opportunity for a next generation technology brand with a revitalized sales guide



2016 was a banner year for NSX. To capitalize on their growing momentum—and increase sales—the NSX team wanted to refresh its sales playbook with an updated story and design that energized sellers about the NSX opportunity. The catch? They needed it done ASAP.

Having partnered on the playbook’s creation, the NSX team again asked Sappington to helm content and design efforts for the update.  Since time—and substance—were critical factors, we worked hard to hone the playbook’s strategy, story, and approach by iterating quickly. We also gave the playbook a sleek design to advance NSX’s positioning as a next-generation technology brand.


Engagement Activities

Content strategy and development

Visual identity design

Copy editing

Sales enablement



We were able to execute the content and design updates on time, helping our clients meet their deadline and equip the field with a more effective tool. Sellers are now able to appeal to a broader audience and stay involved with customers long after the sale, resulting in more revenue and better brand recognition.