Technology and Cloud Marketing

Applying consistency and artistry to a sales presentation to underscore important security story



An NSX client needed help correcting an existing sales deck that was outdated, visually inconsistent, and lacking the appropriate technical detail. New to his role, our client asked us to stitch together the deck’s disparate pieces into a uniform story that sellers could communicate at the right altitude— all before a rapidly approaching sales kickoff deadline.

Since NSX sellers engage with customers in both the IT and business spheres, the deck needed to strike the right balance between technical details and business benefits. To find this balance, we applied our deep knowledge of NSX, its value propositions, and the Software-Defined Data Center to ensure the information was updated and accurate, the value easy to understand, and the design consistent throughout.


Engagement Activities

Content strategy

Technical design

Visual identity alignment

Copy editing

Sales enablement



Now up to date and visually aligned to overall NSX identity, the deck is an incredibly valuable tool for NSX field sellers. With Sappington’s expertise, our client was able to make his deadline, assume a leadership role with his new team, and equip sellers with a more appealing NSX security story.