Technology & Cloud Marketing

Unifying teams around a shared vision of customer-centricity and success



The Product Marketing Managers for VMware’s NSX wanted to end 2016 on a high note and start planning for success in 2017. To ensure everyone shared a similar vision around customer engagement, goals, and marketing strategies, the group wanted to solidify alignment ahead of the new year.

The Product Marketing Manager team asked Sappington to lead a full-day workshop aimed at accomplishing two major initiatives: 1) defining NSX’s vision for being “customer-obsessed,” and 2) mapping out goals and strategies for 2017. Our workshop set out to help the group reach consensus around a shared vision, and introduce the Product Marketing Managers to a new way of thinking about preparing for the future.


Engagement Activities


Messaging and Materials

Offsite Facilitation

Communication Training

Outreach Plans



The Product Marketing Managers developed a better understanding of who their customers are, and discovered new tactics for reaching them with a more human-centric approach. They also gained a sharper understanding of how to work together as a team, and left the workshop with a new framework for planning and assessing future projects.

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