Technology Strategy

It’s your time. Are you ready?

It’s a new day for tech leaders in mid-market companies. Business stakeholders are increasingly acknowledging the significance of technology in their strategies—and doubling down. They’re thinking about cloud transition, information gaps, integrating systems, and delighting customers with new experiences. And they’re looking to you for wisdom.

Can you become the hero that bridges the divide between the server room and the conference room?

Sappington will guide you in elevating technology as a strategic advantage and key enabler of the business.



Technology strategy assessment and development

Technology roadmapping

IT Architecture

Leadership workshop design and facilitation

Business justification and application

Cloud advisory



Become a strategic partner within the business

Gain trust and credibility among business peers

Expand and improve tools and methods

Reduce stress and anxiety



On-time, on-budget delivery

New business models and revenues

Increased efficiency and productivity

Competitive differentiation

Risk mitigation

Technology Strategy

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Technology Initiative Advisory

You’ve got their attention, but how will you deliver?

When a technology strategy is created, it might look good on paper, but those giant initiatives are where the real work happens. And the challenges are fierce: siloed capabilities, confusion and doubt, high costs and limited budgets, lack of prioritization and no lack of egos. It’s no wonder so many IT initiatives fail.

Are you the champion that will fight tooth and nail to ensure the success of business-critical technology projects? Even champions need coaches.

Sappington will partner with you to get key stakeholders on the same page and drive adoption throughout the greater organization.



Technology initiative planning

Communication strategy, plans, and training

Messaging materials and content development

Surveys and progress assessments

Teambuilding and department alignment retreats

Technology adoption strategies



Organizational buy-in

Program leadership

Clearer communication across lines of business

On-time, on-budget delivery



ROI realization

Expedited time to market

Better user adoption

Accuracy in scope management

Technology Initiative advisory

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Change Adoption

The company culture needs an upgrade. And it has nothing to do with software.

Growth must go beyond modernizing technology systems and business models—lasting change often requires a seismic shift in company culture. This is the human element, where hazier complexities are revealed: resistance to new ways of doing things, disconnect among teams, and lack of awareness and motivation.

What will you do to inspire the greater organization to embrace entirely different behaviors and attitudes?

Sappington will help you to evangelize cultural change through crisp communications, engaging activities, and storytelling that conquers cynicism.




Messaging frameworks

Communication plans

Workshops and team facilitation

Program and campaign development



Organizational enthusiasm

Company unity

Stronger co-worker relationships

Freedom of expression

Effective education



Employee happiness

Consistency in outward communications

Knowledge retention

Change Adoption

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Technology and Cloud Marketing

You’re unveiling the next big thing. Can you pull out all the stops?

Bringing a new product or service to market can make or break any established company. Whether or not everyone is on the same page can prove the difference between success and failure. You need a compelling story around the product or service that captivates your colleagues—and your customer. You need clear positioning and messaging that differentiates you from the competition.

Are you a change agent who’s ready to make your mark by shipping a breakthrough offering?

Sappington has decades of experience guiding product marketing leaders like you to wildly successful launches.



Product portfolio strategy

Customer-centricity strategy

Positioning and messaging

Executive communication and keynote presentations

Content strategy and development

Marketing team workshops and training



Successful product launch

Industry and company recognition

Introduction of new best practices

Aligned team members

Reduce stress and anxiety



Revenue growth

Market share leadership


Technology and cloud marketing

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