Sappington & VMware


Tom Corn, RSA 2016 presentation

In 2015, Sappington partnered with Senior VP Tom Corn to create his keynote presentation at RSA.

The “walled city” and the evolution of towns throughout history as a metaphor for the data center and security breaches was received well by audiences. At the next RSA in 2016, we extended this city theme to encompass urban planning and infrastructure to represent VMware’s cutting-edge approach to security.


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Raghu Raghuram, Cloud Days 2016 presentation

Sappington was asked to create a test presentation for Raghu Raghuram (EVP & GM, SDDC Division), at Cloud Days on the topic of integrating multiple clouds into a single integrated architecture.

Since the conference was to take place in Tokyo, Japan, we chose to open with the metaphor of the centralization of Japan that occurred between 1603 and 1868—this kind of transformation was difficult, but necessary, and resulted in Japan’s ultimate long-term growth and success as a nation. Like the Shogunate clans being brought under the emperor, apps, devices, and clouds—networking, computing, and storage—all have to be centralized to be most effective in today’s enterprise, a solution that VMware is proud to offer.


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