Technology and Cloud Marketing

Enabling multiple executive keynotes to act as part of a well-orchestrated whole at major conference



In past years, VMworld keynotes from VMware NSBU executives had little connection and consistency across content or core messages. Geoff Huang, Sr. Director of NSX Product Marketing, wanted to change that for VMworld 2016.

Geoff engaged Sappington to work with three executives on their Spotlight sessions to deliver an overall storytelling strategy that unified content across security, network architecture, and the cloud, personifying the overall event theme “a bridge to the future.”


Engagement Activities

Storytelling Strategy


Executive Communications and Keynotes

Presentation Development and Design



Sappington delivered a consistent story arc that each executive could use to dive into their specific focus area, introduced storytelling into their presentations, and aligned each Spotlight with VMworld’s main stage keynote sessions and event theme.