Our story

In 1867, a simple stone schoolhouse was built in the budding suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. The Sappington School was founded on a robust liberal arts curriculum and, with that as its bedrock, has evolved and expanded many times over the decades. The school and his experiences there had such a profound effect on Sappington’s CEO Tim Goggin that he named our technology marketing firm after it.

Just as at The Sappington School, we strive to keep humanity and the liberal arts—as well as a strong work ethic—at the core of all we do in an extremely technology-driven world. Since our beginnings, we’ve always believed that the best way to translate technologies into real business value is through methods that people naturally embrace: compelling storytelling, original thought leadership, and beautiful design.

Something’s working—Sappington has been a leading technology firm for the world’s greatest enterprises for almost 20 years. And throughout those two decades, we’ve been intricately involved in some of the most consequential movements in biz-tech history: Amazon’s marketplace integration, Microsoft’s big shift to cloud, and the drive toward a new era of collaboration across numerous enterprises.

As new technologies in AI, IoT, blockchain, and security emerge on our horizon, we’re excited for what the next 20 years will bring for us and our customers.