Mark Russinovich and Jeffrey Snover

Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure, and Jeffrey Snover, Chief Architect, Azure Storage and Cloud Edge, wanted to announce the new Azure Stack offering via global webcast to appeal to both business and technical audiences. We built their presentation from the ground up, incorporating metaphor, storytelling, and detailed technical demos.




Executive leaders at VMworld

Since 2015, Sappington has worked with networking and security executives to dream big at VMworld, inspiring audiences through creative storytelling. Collaborating directly with senior leaders, we’ve helped to showcase the evolution of networking and security at VMware.


Jason Zander, EVP, Microsoft Azure

We collaborated with Jason Zander and his team to design a simple but elegant weather motif demonstrating the pressures of business on IT. We also helped construct a narrative to help Jason—already a talented speaker—find the right balance between aspiration and features.



re:INVENT 2018

Sappington partnered with the AWS Global Executive Events team to establish guidance and a baseline presentation aimed at helping influential technology leaders present to an increasingly business-leaning audience at AWS’s marquee conference.