Helping to drive a reimagined Microsoft Culture


Over the course of more than two years, we partnered with the Microsoft Leadership & Development and Storytelling teams to bring Satya Nadella’s culture campaign to life. Through the creation of a compelling narrative and custom visuals for each of the five cultural attributes, we delivered a successful program on Microsoft's own interactive Sway platform.



Envisioning Next Network

VMware Networking and Security wanted to create a vision to help define the market’s perception of networking for years to come. We worked closely with product marketing and executive leadership to define a strategy and create a differentiated, forward-looking message, as well as presentation materials for executive spokespeople.



Building credibility and community with the enterprise

Recently, the AWS Executives Communications and Programs team collaborated with Sappington to envision, strategize, and implement their Executive Insights program, which uses a rich variety of artifacts, narratives, and visuals to build a credible community among the enterprise C-suite.