What if Amazon Bought your Company?

An Exploration of Technology and the Customer in the Pacific Northwest - Seattle Chamber of Commerce Digital Panel

Eileen Consedine - Content Specialist, Sappington
Customer centricity was top of mind at the Digital Business Panel held by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce on September 20. Moderated by Sappington’s Tim Goggin, panelists Howie Wu of BECU, Mark McKelvey of Brooks Running Company, and Curtis Kopf of Premera gathered for an honest conversation about the ever-changing nature of digital transformation and its influence over customers. Read more »



General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt on resilience in the face of change

Silvina Gils-Carbo - Content Strategist, Sappington
Over the past year, Jeff Immelt has talked about GE’s ambitious plan to transform the industrial heavyweight into an “industrial software” company by 2020. And each quarter, shareholders and pundits voice their thoughts on how the company is performing, or not, against that goal.   Read more »


Splitting the Switch Keeping Your IT Projects on Track in a World of Crisscrossing Agendas

James Denyer - Technology Strategist
There’s an old phrase in the railroad industry known as “splitting the switch.” Essentially, it’s when a switch on the tracks becomes worn and the flanged wheels of the train hit a small gap between the fixed rail and the set switch point, forcing it open and sending the train running through it in the wrong direction.   Read more »


My Path to Sappington

James Denyer - Technology Strategist
Most of us have heard that old poem by Robert Frost, the one about taking the road “less traveled by,” which seems to make “all the difference.” In the brief narrative, the poet predicts that it’s unlikely that he’ll ever make it back to the place where the two paths diverged—that’s just not how life works.  Read more »


The New World of Work – Our Next Chapter

Tim Goggin - CEO, Sappington
“Sail Forth- Steer for the deep waters only. Reckless O soul, exploring. I with thee and thou with me. For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared go…” – Walt Whitman

As of today, we at Sappington embark on a new type of vessel for the next chapter in our journey as a business.  Read more »


On a Mission

From Tim Goggin’s Blog – Advancing Tech in the Age of Business
Technology leaders and employees are being pressured to demonstrate the value of technology to the business. In order to be successful, they must advocate for IT through a strong mission statement that clearly communicates the department’s goals and the company’s future.  Read more »


Mine, Refine, Shine

Jason Lee - Designer, Sappington
I was three and a half years old when I took my first trip to Montana with my parents and grandfather. The goal: wrestle beautiful sapphires from the earth. This was hard, dirty work under a scorching sun, our only protection a couple of large tarps strung over the dig site. As a young child I was mostly an observer, foregoing the pick axe for some tweezers; swooping in at the end of the process to claim the glory. Read more »


The Power in Peaceful Environments: What a story about an unlikely war correspondent can teach us about improving morale in business today

Eileen Consedine - Content Specialist, Sappington
Company culture. I’m sure you’ve heard this topic discussed on loop throughout the past year. What initially seemed like just another corporate buzzword, is now a trigger for heated debate, largely in part to headlines exposing how companies today are treating their employees. It’d be easy to categorize this as a recent problem, but if we look to history, we can find plenty of stories about the ways stressful working environments can negatively affect the human mind.  Read more »


Leadership lessons from ancient storytellers: Get your people on the same page in an age of digital distractions

Silvina Gils-Carbo - Content Strategist, Sappington
Digitization is a key, if not the chief, driving force shaping our modern realities. Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum categorized this wave of change, fueled by our changing relationship to technology, as the fourth industrial revolution—a major milestone in our evolution as humans.  Read more »


At Your Service

From Tim Goggin’s Blog – Advancing Tech in the Age of Business
In a potentially tense climate where business is taking charge of the technology budget, IT leaders can find more career success when they are consistent in behaviors and communications with business peers.  Read more »


First Person: George Westerman, author of Leading Digital

Kirsten Soelling - Contributor
George Westerman has to be one of my favorite interviews I didn't actually do. 
I was unlucky with laryngitis and instead settled for listening to the rollicking conversation between Westerman and a few of my Sappington colleagues.   Read more »


Becoming the ITDM (IT Diplomat)

From Tim Goggin’s Blog – Advancing Tech in the age of Business
An international diplomat's insights about conflict resolution through cultural diplomacy can benefit IT leaders who are wary about venturing across the aisle to work with their business counterparts.  Read more »


Defining the Undefinable –
What is Authentic Communication?

Erik Wirsing - Chief Content Officer, Sappington
As we shared in an earlier post, communication is being viewed by many as the new critical business imperative. The idea is that the burden is on IT in enterprise to come across the aisle and be a part of the overall digital business strategy. What does that look like?   Read more »


What is a Digital Business?

Erik Wirsing - Chief Content Officer, Sappington
“Psst… what’s a digital business, anyway?” I hear business executives ask this question a lot. I think they whisper it because they don’t want people to know that they might not know the answer. I appreciate the leaders who are asking the question because, well, they’re asking the question—it’s confusing out there. It’s OK to not know or understand. We are all just beginning the journey of coming to grips with what a digital business really is.   Read more »


The 6 Common Characteristics and Behaviors of Successful Digital Leaders

We in the business community often focus on an overall vision and the underlying digital strategy, instead of evaluating the characteristics of the decision maker responsible for its success. We ask, “What is the company’s vision?” when it might serve us better to ask, “What type of leader sets the most successful vision?”  Read more »


First Person: A Conversation with Brendan McGowan of the CIO Executive Council

Kirsten Soelling - Contributor
Every company is a technology company—you’ve heard that from us before. Tech strategy plays a critical role in business strategy, so why is there such little integration between the two? I’m not making assumptions; I know there’s chronic disconnect that affects even the interpersonal levels of an organization. There’s even data to back me up—and it’s startling.  Read more »


The Pacific Northwest as the Global Hub for Digital Business (And Why It’s Not the Next Silicon Valley)

Tim Goggin - CEO and Erik Wirsing - Chief Content Officer, Sappington
There is a lot of talk about the Pacific Northwest becoming the next Silicon Valley. When I first heard this, I was excited: Seattle is getting recognition for the progress it’s made as a technology center. After some time for this to soak in, my perspective changed. I can certainly recognize the temptation to compare the two places, but it is my belief that the Pacific Northwest is different.  Read more »


Three Things That are Keeping You From Becoming a Digital Business

Tim Goggin - CEO, Sappington
Some years ago, a client of ours, Microsoft, told us they were about to undertake a massive business transformation in the way they deliver their products and align their teams. When a company that large makes a decision of this magnitude—in essence, moving away from their conventional business model of distributing software on discs every 24 to 36 months—you can imagine the impact.  Read more »


How Imagism Can Help Create Precise Messages

Erik Wirsing - Chief Content Officer, Sappington
Thanks to the Internet, some would say that there has never been an easier time to market our products and services. However, a good friend of mine (who also happens to be what I consider a brilliant marketer) reminded me that there is another side to this argument. He told me that today is actually the hardest time in human history ... Read more »


Communication is the New Critical Business Imperative

Tim Goggin - CEO, Sappington
I just spent a very eye-opening day at MIT participating in a symposium of CIOs responsible for technology across a number of large companies. What was on their mind? Exactly what you’d expect: digital, transformation, disruption, and bringing business and technology together.  Read more »


6 Communication Tips for Technology Leaders in the Age of Digital Disruption

Technology leaders—whether CIOs, VPs, or directors of Enterprise Architecture—who prioritize a new way of communicating can become strategic drivers of the successful digital transformation of a company.  To assume this role, it is critical that technology leaders organize, guide, and advise people at all levels of the company—  Read more »